Daniel Marr & Son Company

"I want to personally thank Daniel Marr & Son for their effort and execution in installing steel at the Kensington Place project. I appreciate the attitude and safety demonstrated by the Marr team. I look forward to working with Marr again."

Michael Joel, Suffolk Safety, Kensington Place

“I wanted to take the time to thank (Boston Steel) and Marr for a tremendous effort on the Deloitte Structural Steel. The attention to detail and flexibility with some changes in design were appreciated and done flawlessly. The quality of work put in place was exceptional. The Marr Team did a fantastic job erecting and welding the steel for this project; the amount and quality of work …was impressive. Thank you again for the strong effort!"

Bob Haynes, Project Superintendent, Turner Construction Company


Marr Scaffolding Company

Regarding the launch party for the opening of the new museum: "Thank you for all your hard work and efforts! The (transportable)bleachers truly added to the efficiency and effectiveness of our water front plan. When the mayor stepped out on the balcony to see the set-up and all the people, even he said, 'Wow'! It has been estimated that over 1500 people were on th ewaterfront that night. On behalf of all here and our CEO, Christopher Belland, I thank you Marr Companies for your professionalism and contribution to this event."

Josiah George, Assistant Creative Manager, Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

"I just wanted to thank you (Ron Picnia / Springfield Office) for all of your assistance on the UCONN Basketball project. Everything went very smooth and your help was a huge part of that. We will definitely keep you in mind for the next project."

Brian Jones, Gold Seal Roofing & Sheetmetal, UCONN

"JDC Demolition was contracted by Lee Kennedy to perform the demolition, and in turn contracted with Marr Scaffolding Company to provide both access and protection around the structure. The erection of this scaffold was challenging at best. Your foreman, Tom Puddister, completed his scope of work (1) with zero injuries to himself and crew, (2) with 100% fall protection, and (3) conducted himself as the consummate professional throughout his weeks on the project ... It was a pleasure to work with him, and we look forward to the next project with Tom and Marr!!"

Jason Edic, Lee Kennedy Co., Inc., Salem State -- Phase II Demolition

"This morning we had an official OSHA visit from Eric Jones (Compliance Officer Investigator). He asked some questions and we proceeded to walk the site (looking at the) Hydro Mobiles, the laydown area, etc. He asked all the right questions and we had all the right answers. Eric was very 'impressed with the job set up, logistics ... and the training conducted by Marr.' In addition, Eric was impressed with 100% harnesses and tie off (knowing itis not required on Hydro Mobiles at all times). Please commend all the boys on your respective teams for making this first visit a painless one! Great job everyone!

John Visconti, Shawmut Project Superintendent, TD GARDEN -- Hydro Mobile Mast Climbers

Marr recently completed the installation of a new press box, modification of the existing bleachers and also built an HP ramp to the press box. Anne Welch's (Marr Sales Manager) coordination and the work of the installers gave me plenty of confidence in their process and in the result. The engineering and inspection process was solid. The Marr team made it so easy for me that i was able to focus on other projects without any concern for what was happening at the athletic fields. They were true partners and very easy to work with. I'd definitely use this team again."

Brian Kelly, Asst. VP, Capital Planning/Facilities, Dean College Bleacher & Press Box Renovation

"In regards to Marr Scaffolding work at Old Quincy House, I wish to offer the folowing: My experience has been very favorable working with Marr PM's and engineers. They are on site when needed and never shy away from anything I need; they are always available to answer any questions and to do something that was unexpected. Their team is well experienced in what they do; they have a positive attitude and they work safely.".

Joseph Tomasino, Project Supt, Dimeo Construction, Old Quincy House Project


Marr Equipment Corporation

“I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the great performance of your team on the Emerson College Project. Your staff were responsive and professional throughout the installation and subsequent removal of the hoist and the equipment was in great condition. I look forward to working with your firm in the future.”

Christopher Pennie, General Superintendent, Lee Kennedy Co Inc

“I would like to extend our thanks to the entire Marr Equipment Corp. team for successfully providing vertical transportation for the Boston Research Center Project. We recognize that temporary vertical transportation is vital to any construction project. As such, Marr’s performance during each phase – erection, hoist jumps, regular maintenance and dismantling – was of a professional and expeditious nature. Your employees have gone above and beyond to ensure uninterrupted service. We look forward to future work with your firm.”

Richard J. Michaels, General Superintendent, Bovis Lend Lease LMB, Inc.

"I have worked with the Marr Companies throughout my career and find them to be leaders in hoisting, rigging, scaffolding, winter protection, steel erection and equipment including forms, shoring and man lifts. Marr project managers and sales representatives have always been extremely knowledgeable and professional. They have access to tremendous resources, are on time, provide skilled workers, enforce a rigid safety program and exhibit creative design and engineering services. Without hesitation, I would recommend and utilize the vast array of services that Marr Companies has to offer."

Randy Pitts, General Superintendent, Tishman Construction


Marr Rigging Company, Inc.

"I would like to thank you for the great effort working with the city to secure the permits … and all the hard work that went into the rigging this past weekend. Also another thank-you to all the Marr personnel in the warehouse and on-site who helped things go according to plan despite the wind and cold temperatures.”

Jim Blanchard, Emerson College Rigging, E. M. Duggan

"We have chosen Marr Rigging Company to perform many of our rigging, trucking and warehousing needs. Their South Boston location provides for efficient servicing of our local projects, many of which require the heavy equipment that Marr Rigging has available. Another asset to us has been their inside and outside storage facility located in South Boston, which allows easy access for inspecting items being shipped in and out of the warehouse. We expect out relationship will continue well into the future".

David Cannistraro, Owner, J. C. Cannistraro


Isaac Blair & Co., Inc.

"All of us at Cafco would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your team for your efforts on the Nebo Project. Every successful project can be attributed to a collaboration of individual efforts. We acknowledge that it was the hard work and dedication of each individual, under aggressive time constraints, that enabled Cafco to realize our committment. Thank you again and we look forward to future opportunities!

Ed McCabe, Adam Amontea, Dan Rae of Cafco CM , Nebo Project

"The staff at the Department of Conservation and Recreation appreciate the professional work your company did for the agency in engineering and constructing the emergency stabilization of the historic Charles River Boat House ... your help was critical in identifying the work to be done, explaining alternative solutions, and completing each phase on schedule."

Karl Haglund, Project Manager, DCR, Charles River Boat House Emergency Stabilization

"All of us here at Cafco would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your team for your efforts on the Joe's American Bar and Grill project. Every successful project can be attributed to a collaboration of individual efforts. We acknowledge that it was the hard work and dedication of each individual, under aggressive time constraints, that enabled Cafco to realize our committment. Thank you again and we look forward to future opportunities!

Edward McCabe, Jimmy Coon and Jim McDonnell, Joe's American Bar and Grill

“i would like to compliment you on the performance of your employees during our recent Town House shoring job. The nature of the job called for removal of plaster, walls and ceilings to allow for the implementation of a large amount of shoring spanning three and four floors. This task was a tremendous chore that was complicated by the requirement to demolish as little as possible due to the historic nature of the building. Your crew did an excellent job. I attribute the success of this job to good communication and excellence in pre-job and on-site planning. “

James N. Caulfield, Chairman, North Brookfield Board of Selectman